Objectives of Education

High School

  • To continue to promote the objectives of basic education adopt the emphasis on the mastery of basic tools of learning, expression, and understanding to the use and extension of the tools for further exploring and acquiring intellectual, social, moral and physical concepts, ideals, attitudes and skills in order to develop the whole human being.
  • To discover and enhance, in addition, to the different attitudes and interests of the individual student so as to equip him with competence for productive endeavor and thus prepare him for work in the real world and/or for further formal studies in higher education (Section 22 of BP 232).

Tertiary Education

  • To provide a general education program that will assist each individual to develop his/her potential as a human being, enhance the quality of citizen participation in the basic functions of society, and promote each student a sense of national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity, and spiritual vigor.
  • To train the nation’s manpower in the required skills for national development, and to instill and foster the appropriate and relevant attitudes, skills and knowledge to enable each individual to become a useful, productive, and gainfully employed member of society.
  • To develop member and maintain the integrity of the profession or disciplines that will provide the leadership for the nation.
  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge through research work, and apply the technology gained for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to changing societal needs and conditions (Section 23 of BP 232).

Technical Vocational

  • Promote and strengthen the quality of technical education and skills development programs to attain international competitiveness.
  • Focus technical education and skills development on meeting the changing demands for quality middle – level manpower.
  • Encourage critical and creative thinking by disseminating the scientific and technical knowledge - based of middle – level manpower development programs.
  • Recognize and encourage the complementary of public and private institutions in technical education and skills development and training systems.
  • Inculcate desirable values through the development of moral character with emphasis on work ethics, self-discipline, self-reliance and nationalism. (Section 24(3) of BP 232)